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Max is very special: he can turn himself into a scary monster by BURPING. And he can turn himself back again by SNEEZING.

A Cartoon of a Boy and a Monster
A Cartoon of a Wet Cat

You see, Max is sometimes a boy, who does all the boy things: like go to school, occasionally remember to do his homework, pretend to brush his teeth … BUT sometimes he is a monster who does all the monster things: like jump out of unlikely places, roar loudly, eat whole dustbins.

When he is a monster, Max sometimes forgets that Frankenstein is his best friend and wonders instead what cat tastes like …

Horrible - luckily.

Sometimes he burps by mistake, which can be a nasty surprise if you are standing next to him in the supermarket. And flowers make Max sneeze, so he often finds himself far from home in just his pants.

A Cartoon of a Boy Cold in the Woods
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